Violet Isle

Alex Webb a photographer associated with Magnum Photos, has collaborated with his wife and photographer Rebecca Norris Webb in a project called “Violet Isle” an undiscovered name for Cuba, exploring a selection of works drawn from their book. The book initially began as two separate projects, with Alex’s artistic examination of the streets of Cuba and Rebecca’s disclosure of fascinating and mysterious animals. “As we photographed in Cuba, we began to realize that our work sprang from the feel of a nation in a kind of bubble—an economic, political, cultural, and ecological bubble. For, thanks to the vagaries of history and politics, Cuba has now existed for some fifty years outside the world of globalization. So, in the spirit of a duet—with its point-counterpoint—we decided to weave our images together to create a multi-layered portrait of this ‘Violet Isle” (Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb)