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Trent Parke


1971 - Newcastle, N.S.W, Australia

In 2003, with wife and fellow photographer Narelle Autio, Parke drove almost 90,000 km (56,000 miles) around Australia. Minutes to Midnight, the collection of photographs from this journey, offers a sometimes disturbing portrait of twenty-first century Australia, from the desiccated outback to the chaotic, melancholic vitality of life in remote Aboriginal towns. -

Trent won the prestigious W Eugene Smith Award for humanistic photography in 2003, for his epic road trip around Australia, “Minutes to Midnight”. He has also won World Press Photo Awards in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2005. -

Trent Parke (born 1971) is an Australian photographer. He has created a number of photography books; won numerous national and international awards including four World Press Photo Awards; and his photographs are held in numerous public and private collections. He is a member of Magnum Photos and represented by Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide and Stills Gallery, Sydney.

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Trent Parke was 13 years old when he witnessed his mother die from an asthma attack. Traumatised, he refused to attend her funeral and blocked memories from his past. One of his few comforts was shutting himself in his mother's darkroom in the family laundry. There, amid the magic of creation, he photographed his own wet footprints on the floor with her camera.
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