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Martin Parr

Photographer, Photojournalist

1952 - Epsom, Surrey, England, UK

Martin Parr thinks of his photography as an ongoing investigation of human interaction, leisure, and context. Parr is interested in how people live and present themselves to others, particularly in how they display their values. His subjects have included the spectators of a championship polo game, everyday tourists and inhabitants of Switzerland, and goings-on at one of the oldest schools in England.  -


Martin Parr  is a contemporary British photographer. Best known as a chronicler of life in provincial England, his unconventional observation of human behaviors serves as a mirror to reflect society’s values. Exploring themes of consumerism, globalization, and social stratification, Parr’s humorous yet visually seductive take on life is exemplified in his seminal photobook The Last Resort (1986). “Unless it hurts, unless there's some vulnerability there, I don't think you're going to get good photographs,” he said of his subject matter.  -

Martin Parr sensitises our subconscious – and once we've seen his photographs, we keep on discovering these images over and over again in our daily lives and recognising ourselves within them. The humour in these photographs makes us laugh at ourselves, with a sense of recognition and release.  -

Martin Parr (born 23 May 1952) is a British documentary photographer, photojournalist and photobook collector. He is known for his photographic projects that take an intimate, satirical and anthropological look at aspects of modern life, in particular documenting the social classes of England, and more broadly the wealth of the Western world. His major projects have been rural communities (1975–82), The Last Resort (1983–85), The Cost of Living (1987–89), Small World (1987–94) and Common Sense (1995–99).

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