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Marc Riboud


1923 - 2016 France

Famous French photographer, his first well-known photograph of a painter on the Eiffel Tower appeared in Life Magazine in 1953. 

His work is exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in Paris, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc. Riboud has received many awards including two prizes from the Overseas Press Club, the ICP Infinity Award and the Nadar prize for his book Into the Orient published by Xavier Barral.


Marc Riboud (French: 24 June 1923 – 30 August 2016) was a French photographer, best known for his extensive reports on the Far East: The Three Banners of ChinaFace of North VietnamVisions of China, and In China.

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Marc Riboud in China, in the eye of his assistant SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 - CHINA , WRITTEN BY JEAN LOH
Marc Riboud loved China, world traveler as he was, China is the only country he visited from 1957 to 2010 twenty-two times, during a career that spans more than half a century. Marc Riboud said that he liked the Chinese people, and indeed has forged lasting and strong bonds with several photographers, although few Chinese photographers speak a foreign language, and although Marc has never learned Chinese. One day in 1993 in Canton a cultural attaché of the French Embassy introduced Xiao Quan to Marc who was looking for a Chinese photographer speaking English to be his assistant. From that time on, while guiding Marc through the chaotic traffic of Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Shanghai Xiao Quan has continually focused his lens on the Magnum photographer who came pursuing China’s economic miracle initiated under Deng Xiaoping.
Marc Riboud, Photojournalist Who Found Grace in the Turbulent, Dies at 93
Marc Riboud, the celebrated French photojournalist who captured moments of grace even in the most fraught situations around the world, died in Paris on Tuesday. He was 93. The cause was Alzheimer’s disease, his wife, Catherine Chaine, said. Mr. Riboud’s career of more than 60 years carried him routinely to turbulent places throughout Asia and Africa in the 1950s and ’60s, but he may be best remembered for two photographs taken in the developed world.
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