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Manuel Álvarez Bravo

Artistic photographer

1902 - 2002 Mexico City

Manuel Álvarez Bravo, one of the founders of modern photography, is considered the main representative of Latin American photography in the 20th century. 

He was an instrumental figure, along with the painters Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, in the artistic renaissance in Mexico that flourished after the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1921. - The Museum of Modern Art

Alvarez Bravo taught photography at the San Carlos Academy in the late 1930s, documented the work of Mexican mural painters including Diego Rivera, and contributed images to the journal Mexican Folkways. His primary subject interests have ranged from the nude form to folk art, particularly burial rituals and decorations. -

Manuel Álvarez Bravo was Mexico's first principal artistic photographer and is the most important figure in 20th-century Latin American photography. He was born and raised  in Mexico City. While he took art classes at the Academy of San Carlos, his photography is self-taught. 

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