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James Craig Annan


1864 - 1946 South Lanarkshire, Scotland


James Craig Annan was a master photogravure printer and a leading pictorialist photographer around the turn of the twentieth century. He produced most of his own work as well as that of others in the photogravure process, which he learned from its inventor, Karl Klíc. -

During the early 1890s, Mr. Annan traveled extensively through Europe with his friend, painter David Young Cameron. An 1894 visit to Northern Italy resulted in a folio entitled Venice and Lombardy, which consisted of eleven photogravures. That same year, Mr. Annan was elected to the prestigious international photographers’ group, The Linked Ring. -

In 1904 Annan became the first president of the International Society of Pictorial Photographers ('Pictorial Photography in Britain'). In 1913 Annan photographed in Spain. Annan left the firm ca. 1939. - The Museum of Modern Art

James Craig Annan (8 March 1864 – 5 June 1946) was a pioneering Scottish-born photographer and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. The second son of photographer Thomas Annan,

James Craig Annan was born at Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, on 8 March 1864. He was educated at Hamilton Academy  before studying chemistry and natural philosophy at Anderson's College, Glasgow (later to merge to become the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College; later again, the Royal College of Science and Technology, and eventually becoming, in 1964, the University of Strathclyde.)

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