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James Abbe

Photographer, Photojournalist

1883 - 1973 USA

James Abbe, who dubbed himself “the tramp photographer,” was a pioneering portraitist and photojournalist, who captured the international stars of stage and screen, as well as the early 20th-century power struggles across the Soviet Union and Europe and their havoc-wreaking leaders. -

American photographer James Abbe, who, from the 1920s, made his name with portraits of British and American cinema and music- hall stars. -

Abbe's theatrical work was one of three photographic specialties he cultivated during his career. He also became an expert movie still photographer in 1920 and an important photojournalist in the 1930s. Enhancing the available stage lighting with a battery of portable lamps, he made intensely vivid images suggestive of interrupted stories. -  Broadway Photographs

Photographer. Abbe started his career in New York and Hollywood, making Paris his base in the 1920s with a studio in the same road as Man Ray. He specialised in subjects from the theatre as well as fashion designers and was a pioneer of photojournalism. - National Portrait Gallery

James Abbe (July 17, 1883 – November 11, 1973) was an American photographer.

James Abbe was born in 1883 in Alfred, Maine.His career as international photographer was first boosted by a commission from the Washington Post who commissioned him to travel and take photographs of a 16-day voyage with the American battleship fleet to England and France in 1910.

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