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Elliott Erwitt


1928 - Paris, France

Among Erwitt's most famous photographs are those made during the "kitchen debate" between Richard Nixon and Nikita Khruschev in Moscow in 1959; he is well known for his humorous pictures of people and dogs, which invoke visual puns to ironic effect. -  International Center of Photography 

Elliott Erwitt is an American documentary photographer considered one of the masters of his medium. Known for his candid and often humorous black-and-white images, Erwitt is responsible for some of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century, including indelible portraits of figures like Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, and Richard Nixon. -

Elliott Erwitt, really Elio Romano Erwitt, (born 26 July 1928) is an American advertising and documentary photographer known for his black and white candid shots of ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings— a master of Henri Cartier-Bresson's "decisive moment"

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I learned long ago that it’s best to approach your heroes with trepidation, because they rarely live up to expectations. So when I met Elliott Erwitt in Perpignan, France, years ago, when we both had shows for Visa Pour l’Image, I was reluctant to talk to him. Imagine my surprise when he asked to trade prints.
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The best photographs give us a way to connect with the world: they shatter the mundane, prompt self reflection and question reality. But what about, as Ansel Adams calls it, the “twelve inches behind the camera”?
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Born in Paris to Russian parents, and educated in America, Elliott Erwitt took up photography before being drafted into the US Army in 1950. He made his name with photo-essays on barracks life in France then joined Magnum and travelled the world, capturing famous faces and places and producing quirky studies of dogs.
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