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  • Cindy sherman sex pictures 11847
    Sex Pictures15

    Sherman uses prosthetic limbs and mannequins to create her Sex Pictures series (1992)

  • Cindy sherman clowns 11832

    Between 2003 and 2004, Sherman produced the Clowns

  • Cindy sherman fashion 11814

    Sherman's efforts can be described as the antithesis of conventional fashion photography

  • Cindy sherman disasters and fairy tales 11773
    Disasters and Fairy Tales7

    For her 'Disasters and Fairytales' series 1985-89 Sherman utilised a wide variety of make-up techniques, masks and prostheses to create a truly shocking and...

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  • Cindy sherman rear screen projections 11764
    Rear Screen Projections10

    Sherman began to use colour film during the 1980s.She photographed herself against a screen on which she projected various interior and exterior settings.

  • Cindy sherman bus riders 11753
    Bus Riders14

    Bus Riders is a series of fifteen black and white photographs Sherman produced shortly after graduating from the State University College at Buffalo, New Yor...

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  • Cindy sherman history portraits 11733
    History Portraits23

    Between 1989 and 1990, Sherman photographed herself in costumes of various European portrait paintings of the fifteenth through early 19th centuries.

  • Cindy sherman untitled film stills 11669
    Untitled Film Stills46

    Untitled Film Stills” (1977-80), a series of the artist herself enacting female clichés of 20th-century pop culture.