“London’s Honourable Scars” Showcases Cecil Beaton’s Wartime Photos of the Blitz Read more at http:/
Best known for his fashion and portrait photography as well as his Academy-Award-winning stage and costume design, Sir Cecil Beaton (1904–1980) exemplified the very best of the beau monde. His acerbic wit, on full view in The Unexpurgated Diaries, could be summed up in his belief, “Perhaps the world’s second-worst crime is boredom; the first is being a bore.”
How Cecil Beaton Transformed Hotel Rooms Into Destinations
Cecil Beaton hated hotel rooms — at least, as they looked when he checked in. But by the very nature of his work, the great interior designer, costumer, photographer, and artist spent a lot of time away from his home in England, and that meant staying in hotels, especially in New York. So, of course, he did what any self-respecting world-class aesthete would: change everything.
Everything you need to know about Cecil Beaton
The legendary fashion photographer is the subject of Cecil Beaton: Portraits and Profiles, a new anthology pairing some of his most iconic images with personal diary entries about his subjects, including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor.
Cecil Beatons honest opions of the stars he photographed revelaed
Cecil Beaton's private diary entries revealing his witty and unsparing thoughts on the many stars he photographed are revealed in a new book
Cecil Beaton is back in a big way
Cecil Beaton: the artist of the portrait
The 100,000 photos and negatives in the photographer’s Studio Archive have now been edited into a book that covers his life’s work, introduced by Annie Leibovitz