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Alex Webb

Street Photographer

1952 - United States

Born in San Francisco, California in 1952, Alex Webb became interested in photography during his high school years and attended the Aperion Workshop in 1972. He majored in in history and literature at Harvard University, studying photography at the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts.

Alex Webb joined the international photographers cooperative Magnum Photos as an associate member in 1976.

Alex Webb (born 5 May 1952) is a photographer associated with Magnum Photos. 

He has had a number of books published, his main works being Hot Light/Half-Made Worlds (1986), Under a Grudging Sun(1989) From The Sunshine State (1996), Amazon (1997) Crossings (2003), Istanbul (2007) and The Suffering of Light(2011). With Rebecca Norris Webb he has also published Violet Isle (2009) and Memory City (2014).

He has contributed to Geo, Time and The New York Times Magazine.

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Capturing Complexity and Color in Mexico
When Alex Webb first walked across the bridge from El Paso to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in 1975, he was a 23-year-old hotshot photographer. Mexico transformed him, and for the next three years he returned to the border area often to make lyrical black-and-white images that explored the blending and clashing of cultures.
Border Towns, living with the cartel
Alex Webb has photographed the US-Mexican border life for over thirty years, his strong colours, harsh lighting and careful framing the stated inspiration for cinematographer Roger Deakins in Denis Villeneuve's dark thriller Sicario.
Rebecca Norris Webb’s photography, which has been praised for its subtlety and surprising emotional force, confirms her place in the lineage of such quiet virtuosi of the camera as André Kertész and Josef Sudek. Alex Webb, Rebecca’s husband, is a member of Magnum and one of the most celebrated contemporary photojournalists, notable for his color reportage from Latin America in the past three decades.
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